• Motor Coil Winding Nozzles
    TROPHY's Motor Nozzles are made of tungsten carbide material or hardened SKD-11, with an excellent balance between the wear resistance and being too brittle.
    Product Introduction

    Each nozzle is made of a solid piece of material with no joints so as to ensure a smooth path for wire travel. 

    They are widely used in winding of fan coils, micro-motor coils, stator coils, rotor coils etc.


    Inner bore, inlet and outlet radii are scientifically calculated and have undergone twelve fine grinding and polishing processes to complete mirror finish surfaces. This ensures smooth travelling and minimum stress to the wire during winding.  

    80X digital magnifying glass is used for quality check to ensure no scratches on polished surfaces before shipment.

    ◎ WA type            ◎ WF type

     Oval shape outlet/ shank     Quadrilateral mounting 

    ◎ WB type                 ◎ WG type 

    Outlet bigger than mountingDouble hole/multiple hole 

    ◎ WD type                ◎ WH type  

    Outlet side Flat type      Middle of nozzle flat/Oval

    ◎ Can be customized according to customer requirements

    ◎ sectional of inner bore


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