• Ceramic Coil winding Nozzles
    TROPHY's ceramic nozzles are made for advanced coil winding requirements. They are excellent for the ultra-high speed winding with high accuracy requirements.
    Product Introduction

    The CN series ceramic nozzles are made of Nano-zirconia material, with a material hardness of 1500HV and bending resistance up to 1700N/mm2. All radii are scientifically calculated and processed to ensure smooth travelling and minimal stress to the wire during ultra-high speed winding.

    Model selection for CN nozzles (unit :mm)

    Code   Model D1   d1   L1    D

    CN 0.8      CN0330-030-0807     0.8   0.3   7.0   Φ3 

    CN 1.0      CN0430-030-1010   1.0   0.4  10.0  Φ3

    CN 1.0      CN0530-030-1010     1.0   0.5   10.0  Φ3 

    CN 1.4      CN0730-030-1410     1.4   0.7   10.0  Φ3 

    ** Specifications are subject to change without notice


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