• Ruby Coil Winding Nozzles
    The ruby coil-winding nozzle is a vital component in good quality coil winding. It is widely used in various types of high-end automatic and semi-automatic winding machines to guide the enameled copper wire throughout the winding process.
    Product Introduction

    TROPHY's Ruby nozzle RC series has an outlet tip made of Ruby, which has a superior hardness – the inner bore and the radius surfaces of the ruby tip are polished to a Ra0.025 surface finish. This ensures high wear resistance and low friction co-efficiency during high-speed winding. Its body is made of hardened stainless steel with dully polished inner bore, coupled with a fine ceramic (alumina) inlet for easy threading and smooth travelling of wire. 

    Concentricity between the clamping diameter and the outlet diameter is 0.01mm. The inner bore diameter’s tolerance is 0.01 mm. 

    Our precision ruby nozzles are excellent for precise coil layering.


    Assembled with high precision

    Ruby outlet has excellent hardness and very low friction coefficient 

    High wear resistance.

    Applicable: Fine wire coil winding processing.

    Ruby Nozzle (RC series) part number guide:

    Example: RC0530-030-0810

    "R" - indicates that the outlet material is ruby

    "C"- indicates that the inlet material is precision ceramic

    The specification of above example is as below (mm):

    D1 = 0.5, d2 = 0.6, L = 30, D = 3, d2 = 0.8, L1 = 10

    Manufacturing limitation:  d1 to be ≥ 0.2 mm, D1 to be ≥ 0.6 mm



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