• Tension Monitoring System
    Besides monitoring and displaying real-time tension, TD-EX1000-01A also does tension data acquisition via PC*.
    Product Introduction

    It also alerts users (via a contact output) when the tension is detected to be out of the preset range (upper and lower tension limits can be pre-set). 

    This system uses 485 communication ports, allows detection and recording of 12 measurement points at the same time, and provides a simple and convenient way to improve the quality of coil winding.

    *TROPHY’s RTMS (Real-time Tension Monitoring System) software is required in order to achieve the following functions through TD-EX-1000-01A:

    Real-time tension data acquisition

    Analysis of historical tension data 

    Tension data diagram monitoring 

    Group zero reset

    Basic Specifications of Mount-on type tension monitoring meter TD Series: 


    Measurement Range (grams)



    1 to 999

    *Real time tension value display
         *Record tension data on computer for monitoring and analyzing


    1 to 999

    *Real time tension value display
         *Preset Upper and lower limit
       *Output alarm

    ** POWER SOURCE: DC 24V is required.
     ** Specifications are subject to change without notice



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